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5 of the Top Must-Visit Museums in Chicago

The Field Museum

Chicago’s rich culture, history, and art has made it a hub for world-class museums. We’ve done the legwork for you and narrowed it down to the five top museums in Chicago.

Field Museum

Connect with science and natural history at the Field Museum! One of the most beloved museums in Chicago, the museum showcases everything from ancient cultures to the latest scientific discoveries. Its large and extensive collection of artifacts puts you face-to-face with the largest dinosaur to ever walk the earth, mummies in their tombs, and giant-sized bugs, and much more. 

Chicago History Museum

See Chicago through a different lens at Chicago History Museum. Located in Lincoln Park, the museum is the city’s oldest cultural institution, and its mission is to tell the story of Chicago and its people. Engaging exhibits covering music, film, design, fashion and historic events shine a light on how the city has evolved over the years, and the people who played instrumental roles in local, national and international history.

Art Institute of Chicago

Feast your eyes on some of the world’s highest-quality masterpieces at the Art Institute of Chicago. The global collection features paintings, sculptures, and prints and photography from countries including Brazil, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, South Africa, India and Sudan. The Classics Collection houses Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave, Grant Wood’s American Gothic and Vincent Van Gogh’s The Bedroom, among other well-known works.

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Spark your curiosity and learn about the creative process of living artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, one of the most popular museums in Chicago. Browse works spanning a variety of types of media, from sculpture to video and installations to performance. The exhibits explore how art is influenced by social, political, and historical contexts. 

Museum of Science and Industry

Let your inner kid out to play at the Museum of Science and Industry, one of the largest science museums in the world. Spread out over 400,000 square feet, the exhibits invite you to touch, feel, and listen to them. The hands-on exhibits include a World War II submarine and a giant movie screen that could rival IMAX.


There you have our take on the best museums in Chicago. What local museums have you enjoyed visiting? If we overlooked one of your favorites, feel free to let us know – we’re always eager to learn more! And if you’re looking for short-term corporate housing in Chicago, we’d love to show you around our community. You can also schedule a tour online or give us a call at 312-787-8080.

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