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Redefining the modern luxury lifestyle through extended stay

Experiences over stuff

There have been shifts in the way people work and live. In the last few years, air travel and travel spending has increased. People are placing greater importance on experiences, and are more willing to try local foods and are staying in places other than hotels. This comes down to the idea of trying out new and different things. In fact, most people are happier when they spend their money on living, rather than on owning material items.

Extended Stay is the prefered way of lodging

Chicago Walton Residence Extended Stay Kitchen and Dining Area

Walton Residence’s Kitchen

These trends match up with the increasing popularity of extended stays. More people are staying at extended stays than ever before. According to a report, there was about $11 billion in room revenue in 2016. For 2015, room revenue was around $10 billion. Luxury short term apartments can provide business travelers as well as visitors looking to stay in a city for a period of time an experience of living like a local while living comfortably. The Walton Residence is run with the precision of a five-star hotel so that visitors can enjoy being in the city and live luxuriously during their stay. 

walton residence chicago 70 e walton apartment desk and waiting area gallery

Walton Residence’s Front Desk

There are a few reasons for the rising popularity of extended stays. A luxury short term apartment is non-committal. People are able to leave any time they want without the hassle. This includes a security deposit. They also usually have their own kitchen and in-suite amenities. If visiting Chicago on a business trip or with your family, Walton Residence offers a gourmet kitchen, a fireplace, luxurious bedding, and much more.

Experiential Living at a Luxury Short Term Apartment

walton residence chicago 3 bedroom penthouse patio deck gallery

Walton Residence’s Patio Deck

A short term apartment can offer a new experience. They offer individuals the chance to live and experience a place and culture for an extended time. They can also provide new experiences for business travelers. People frequently extend their business travels into leisure travels. Chicago is in fact home to many major companies, which makes it a popular business travel location. With luxury short term apartments, business travelers can mix business with leisure. With these features and amenities, it’s no wonder short term apartments have been on the rise.Walton Residence can provide business travelers or a family seeking a cosmopolitan vacation a new experience with a modern lifestyle. With a welcoming staff that will make you feel right at home and a location that is at the center of the Gold Coast, it’s no wonder Walton Residence is the #1 choice in extended stay in Chicago for many travelers.