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Lifestyle of a Business Traveler

Tips for Homesickness

There’s nothing better like the feeling of returning to your home after being away on a business trip. Living in a new city away from loved ones may leave you feeling homesick. Dealing with homesickness can be tough for many, even for those who love to travel. One solution to this problem are extended stay apartments.

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Extended Stay Living

We know that the life of business travelers are a constant change. You may be in a new city for a few weeks or even months. At Walton Residence, we make sure that our extended stay apartments act as a home away from home. When you move into an extended stay, all you really need is a suitcase. At Walton Residence, everything is provided, making your stay as comfortable and easy as possible.


Living in the Gold Coast, even for a short period, means you have instant access to high-end shopping and world-class restaurants. But if you’re missing home cooked meals, you can purchase groceries at the local grocery store and cook your own meals in our gourmet kitchen. Our kitchens include a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and cook-top. Our extended stay apartments also include an in-unit washer/dryer and a fireplace in order to create a home-style atmosphere. If you can’t leave home without your pet or need something from home with you, we are also pet-friendly.

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Tips on Dealing with Homesickness: Human Interactions

Due to modern technology, there are many ways to keep in contact with family and friends. Use your laptop or phone to keep in touch via Skype or FaceTime. Seeing your loved ones faces even on a screen can help you feel less homesick.

Some of a business traveler’s homesickness may also be due to lack of interacts with people. Having face to face interactions on business trips can help with this. Our personalized staff or even strangers in the area can help you feel less isolated. There are many local coffee shops, gyms, spas and clothing stores in the Gold Coast to meet new people.

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Tips on Dealing with Homesickness: Hobbies and Interests

Even though you’re living away from your home, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate in or fulfil your hobbies or interests. You can find places in the area that can help with this such as gyms, coffee shops, or yoga studios. Exhale Chicago, a luxury spa and yoga studio, is located less than two blocks from Walton. Across the street is Equinox Gold Coast, which is a gym with a pool, four group fitness studios, and a full-service spa.

There’s also many events or festivals in Chicago or any other city that you can check out while on your trip. Keeping yourself busy can help deal with homesickness.


While the saying “there’s no place like home” may be true for many, following these tips will help make your stay feel more like home.