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Architecture on the Gold Coast

Walton Residence is located at the center of the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast neighborhood grew as a result of the Great Chicago Fire. In 1882, millionaire Potter Palmer moved to the area from the Prairie Avenue neighborhood. He purchased areas of land and built many houses, which were sold to affluent individuals. Other wealthy individuals then followed Potter into the Gold Coast neighborhood. It’s now one of the richest areas in Chicago. The Gold Coast is also home to many historic mansions and skyscrapers.

gold coast apartments

Charnley-Persky House

A few blocks from the Walton Residence is the Charnley-Persky House. The Charnley-Persky House is located at 1365 North Astor Street in the Gold Coast. The Charnley House was built by Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan who are important figures in American architecture. The Charnley House is recognized around the world as a central work of modern architecture. Sullivan had embraced abstract forms of architecture, which later became a symbol of modern architecture.

charnley house on gold coast

John Hancock

Just a block away from the Walton Residence is the John Hancock building on North Michigan and Delaware. The John Hancock Building offers one of the best views of Chicago’s Skyline. It also has some interesting history. Before the construction of the building in 1969, Michigan Avenue was full of low-rise and mid-rise buildings. After the John Hancock started construction, it accompanied many new skyscrapers.

John Hancock Building on Gold Coast

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Three blocks away from the Walton Residence is the Museum of Contemporary Art. The architect, Josef Paul, was inspired by Chicago’s architectural history for the museum’s construction materials. Kleihues chose aluminum as a material after being inspired by the Chicago School of Architecture. The exterior and interior design of the building focused on simplicity, openness, and serenity.

MCA Building

Chicago Tribune

Located a few blocks from the Walton Residence is the Chicago Tribune building. In 1922, on its 75th anniversary, the Chicago Tribune started an international competition for a new headquarters. The competition had more than 260 entries and was one of the largest architectural competitions in America. The architects, Hood and Howell, created a Gothic design that had influences from older buildings. The top of the building mimics the 13th-century Rouen Cathedral in France. The design was picked by the owners due to its nostalgic look.

Chicago Tribune Building

900 North Michigan Avenue

Located a block from the Walton Residence is the 900 North Michigan Shops. 900 North Michigan Avenue combines many design ideas used in 1990’s skyscrapers. The design of the building is unique and is divided into four sections.

900 North Michigan Avenue

The Gold Coast and the surrounding area offers much more stunning architecture to see.