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5 Things To Look For In A Furnished Apartment

There are numerous things to look for in furnished apartments. Renting a furnished apartment means that essential furniture like beds, couches, and tables come included. This can make moving much easier, especially if you are only visiting for a short period of time. However, there are many things you should consider before signing a lease, such as the quality of furniture and the extend of your stay. For more reasons why you should consider moving into a furnished apartment, check out our guide here.



How long is the furnished apartment lease?

This depends entirely on how long you plan on staying. Most furnished apartments come with a short-term lease. This makes them a great choice for corporate housing since many people traveling for business only stay for a few months. They also make sense for college students who cannot afford to buy furniture on their own. If you fall into either category, once your business trip or semester is up, you are free to leave without signing a long-term lease.


Is your apartment fully-furnished?

Just because an apartment is furnished, does not mean it comes with everything you need. Some apartments only come with couches or kitchen appliances. Others will require you to bring your own bed. A fully-furnished apartment typically comes with everything you need to live comfortably. Be sure to ask what furniture is included beforehand so you are not caught off guard.


What’s the quality of the furniture?

Are the couch cushions worn and tattered? Have they been cleaned? How old is the furniture exactly? Some furnished apartments you’ll find haven’t been updated in decades. As such, you can find yourself stuck with furniture from the 70s. That may be great if you are looking for a retro look. But if you want something more modern and luxurious, you’re better off looking at an apartment with newer furniture.


Is the furnished apartment big enough?

A fully-furnished apartment means that almost every inch of space is taken up by furniture. If you have furniture of your own you need to bring, you want to make sure there is enough room to do so. One of the benefits of living in a furnished apartment is that you don’t have to bring much furniture of your own with you. Of course, there are some things we want to bring with us wherever we live and not enough space means renting out a storage unit. Renting storage units can drive up your budget if you are not careful.


Is there room for decorating?

Some furnished apartments are quite strict about what can and can’t be changed. For instance, you may not be able to bring any furniture of your own at all. Sure, signing a short-term lease for a luxurious apartment is a short-term commitment. But as humans, we still have the desire to live in a place that feels like home. Ask beforehand if you are allowed to paint, put up wallpaper, or change the curtains. Having the freedom to add personal touches in a furnished apartment makes all the difference.