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If you have employees relocating to Chicago and need to provide corporate housing, you may think it’s best to rent a hotel room or Airbnb. After all, they’re exactly the same as short term apartments, right? Wrong. The differences between renting a short term luxury apartment, hotel, and Airbnb are subtle, but very important. Especially to your valued employee. Here are five reasons to choose the Walton Residence for corporate housing.


1) Living in Luxury

The Walton Residence is much more than just a place for employees to sleep after leaving the office. Luxury is our name. We have fireplaces, in-unit washer and dryers, spa-like bathrooms, gourmet kitchens, Brazilian hardwood floors, and much more. If you want to treat your employees like they matter, then there is no compromise in renting one of our short term luxury apartments in the Gold Coast. The commute is also very convenient!


2) Hotels aren’t Homes

Have you ever walked into a hotel room and truly felt at home? Yes, the first day is always a nice change of pace and it’s great to be waited on by the hotel staff. But soon afterwards, the feeling wears off and the thought of the space not being yours creeps into the back of your mind. After a few days, you can’t wait to be home.

With a short term luxury apartment, it is a home. A temporary one, but a home nonetheless. According to Trondent, approximately 1.1 millions Americans travel for work every day. Studies show that people who travel for work often suffer from homesickness. This sense of not belonging can also bleed into their work, ultimately affecting your company. By renting from the Walton Residence, you are giving your employee a place to call their own. Here, they’re free to cook and have company over whenever they wish. The Walton Residence is your employee’s home for as long as he or she needs it.


3) Airbnbs are Someone Else’s Home

Plain and simple. No matter how nice it is, an Airbnb is still someone else’s property. Contrary to hotel room furnishing which a hotel can easily afford to replace, staying in an Airbnb means the constant fear of breaking or ruining someone else’s belongings. If you ever house sat, you know the feeling. Ultimately, placing an employee in an Airbnb will feel just as uncomfortable as sticking them in a hotel.


4) Dog Friendly Apartments

Did we mention we’re dog friendly? Traveling for work is stressful and a canine companion can make all the difference in the world. Allowing your employees the freedom to bring their pets offers so much joy and lowers the stress of finding a dog sitter. For most traveling adults, it usually means they rarely get to see their families. Well, dogs are family and we believe there’s nothing like family to make you feel right at home.


5) Affordable Rates

Of course, you always want to consider the return of investment for corporate housing. That means finding the best deals. Well, you’re in luck! Currently, Walton Residence is offering a winter rate special. From now through March, take advantage of our reduced rates on 1, 2, and 3 bedroom luxury apartments. To learn more about this limited-time deal, click here. Your employees will be glad you did!