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10 Reasons To Look For A Furnished Apartment

There are many benefits that come with moving into a fully furnished luxury apartment. A furnished apartment means that it comes equipped with furniture and appliances such as couches, beds, and refrigerators. Having these essential items readily available in your new apartment will make your moving day much easier. There are certain pitfalls we’d like to avoid when moving and a fully furnished luxury apartment offers the solution. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider moving into a furnished apartment.


1) Save on cost

The number one reason you should consider moving into a furnished apartment is the save on cost. With all the furniture provided, you won’t have to go out and spend money to buy furniture on your own. According to The Billfold, the average cost for a couch is about $1,000. Yikes!


2) No furniture to move

One of the worst parts of moving is lugging couches, big screen TVs, and washing machines up flights of stairs. Often times we forget to measure doors and halls, so squeezing new furniture through tight spots can cause massive headaches. It is also statistically impossible for any Friends fan to move a couch and not shout “pivot!” when turning a corner.


3) No movers

Not having to rent movers means not having to trust anyone else with your stuff. Sure, they are professionals, but sometimes the renting price gets quite high. You can always ask friends to help move, but you can’t hold them accountable for any damages done to your furniture. This is especially true when they are doing you a huge favor.


4) Less decorating

Putting together your dream apartment can get expensive. With most of the furniture already provided, you don’t have to worry about finding various pieces that match. You can still make the place feel like your own by adding carpets, throw blankets, and pillows. Some short-term luxury apartment rentals even let you put up removable wallpaper to avoid painting.


5) Short-term apartment rentals

Speaking of short-term apartment rentals, furnished apartments are perfect if you don’t plan on staying in one place for too long. Perhaps you’re on a business trip or checking things out on vacation. Renting a luxurious apartment with all the furniture in place can help you feel at home versus a cheap hotel.


6) Live in luxury

Furnished apartments are usually higher in rent, but this is only because they come with higher quality furniture already in place. This means you get to live in luxury for as long as you choose to stay there.


7) Move in quicker

Since all the furniture comes in place, this means you get to move into your apartment much quicker. Certain apartments have rules about not moving in on the weekends and sometimes you might have to call off work to do so. With a furnished apartment, you have no need to worry about any of that.


8) No moving trucks

If you’re moving across the country, renting moving trucks and vans will eat up your budget. Plus, driving isn’t for everyone, especially if you come from a city where you rely on public transport. If you have little experience driving trucks, taking one on the expressway can be nerve-wracking when you can’t check your blindspots or rearview mirror.


9) Pet friendly

Certain furnished apartments, like the Walton Residence, allow owners to bring their pets along. This is a huge stress reliever when searching for a place to live without having to worry about leaving pets behind.


10) Live anywhere you like

Perhaps the best reason you should consider moving into a furnished apartment is the convenience of living anywhere you like. Finding a place to stay in Chicago while you are on a business trip is difficult. The Walton Residence gives you a luxurious space right in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast. Our short-term luxury apartments come fully furnished with washers, dryers, custom designed furniture, and more. If you are considering moving to our fine city, you have the benefit of living in luxury will scoping out the neighborhood. Enjoy!